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AppHub Open Source Directory!

Thee Open Cloud Directory is a free online catalogue and repository collecting information about open licensed outcomes of European, Japanese and other Cloud Computing R&D projects to define the existing Open Cloud landscape with special focus of positioning available components, supported standards and potentials for integration as an Open Cloud Interoperability Framework. This is done by mapping the outcomes of Open cloud projects registered in the Open Cloud Directory to a cloud computing reference architecture and open standards.

Understand ...

  • How your project is related to other projects!
  • How your technology asset can interoperate with other assets
  • Where the gaps are!

All cloud technology assets registered in Open Cloud Directory are becoming a part of an Open Cloud Interoperability Framework:

  1. to enable industry and academic institutions that are interested to build up their own cloud infrastructure based on Open Source components to identify a suitable set of technology candidates.
  2. to demonstrate opportunities for the development of missing but needed technical components for such an infrastructure, but also identify interoperability issues that lack from missing open standards and implementation of standards.

We invite you to create an account and publish information about your cloud computing project and its open licensed results. This is a straightforward process, which will take only about 15 minutes of your time. Become a part of the Cloud Interoperability Framework and increase the visibility and re-use of your results!