Analysis of current migration approaches

This document is the D6.1 - Analysis of current migration approaches deliverable report of ARTIST project which was produced in the frame of Task 6.1 - Definition of roadmap components (basic steps for migrating documentation, code, etc.) of WP6 - Modernisation Blueprint, methodology and integration. The report presents an analysis of the current approaches for software migration and modernization which will exploited in the project to define the baseline for the ARTIST migration methodology and conceptual architecture.

For the effective analysis and categorization of the respective approaches and tools, the main processes of the ARTIST migration methodology and an initial specification of the high-level conceptual architecture have been described based on the project objectives and an internal survey. This survey was conducted by circulating internally in the project a questionnaire for the categorization of the key objectives and process of each WP as well as for the main artefacts that will be used and/or implemented.

The SotA analysis covers the ARTIST related methodologies and supporting tools and specifications which in sequel have been also evaluated from the project point of view in order to identify which and how these could be exploited and adapted towards the definition of ARTIST migration methodology.


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