ARTIST Methodology Process Framework

This document is the D6.3.1 - ARTIST methodology process framework M12 prototype deliverable report of ARTIST EU Project which summarizes the outcomes of the work performed in the frame of Task 6.3 – ARTIST methodology supporting material in the first year of the project towards the definition of the implementation of the toolset that will support and realize the overall ARTIST Migration and Modernization Methodology.

Following the definition of the overall ARTIST Methodology, WP6 proceed to the formal specification of the methodology exploiting the Eclipse Process Framework – EPF and Software & Systems Process Engineering Metamodel Specification – SPEM 2.0. The methodology was implemented as an EPF plugin project defining the exact flow of processes and tasks that need to be performed for the migration and modernization of a legacy application.

This specification refers to the generic methodology and covers all aspects and all possible variations of legacy software to be migrated to modern platforms and execution environments. To this direction, WP6 also work on the definition and design of a tool to support ARTIST customers to the customization and instantiation of the methodology for each migration project. The Methodology Process Tool – MPT is also described in the document focusing on its requirements and the implementation approaches that could be followed. In addition, the initial results on a proof of concept prototype are presented, where based on an experimental J2EE application the end-to-end migration methodology is specifically customized and instantiated.


Type of Asset Knowledge
Roles Service design and transition manager, Service operations manager

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