Antidote is the (in development) reference platform of the SyncFree European project. Being developed as a strongly, eventually consistent storage back end for extreme scale cloud services and applications, Antidote will provide the following features: Intra-data center replication. Inter-data center replication. Support for atomic write transactions. Data partitioning across multiple servers and DCs. A flexible layered architecture allowing easy addition or removal of features.

Written in Erlang and based on riak_core (, Antidote will expose a library of common objects based around the Conflict-free Replicated Data Type (CRDT) abstraction ( allowing the rapid development of correct and scalable applications.


Version In development
Type of Asset Software
Service Model IaaS, PaaS
Roles Service design and transition manager, Service operations manager, Service level and capacity manager, Security and risk manager, Inter-cloud provider, Cloud service developer
Layers and Multi-Layer Functions Development support capabilities
Cross Cutting Concerns Interoperability, Security, Performance, Availability


Data and Resources