Technical and information architecture of the repositories

The goal of the tools produced is threefold:

To handle and organize this multitude of artefacts,
To support reuse of as many artefacts as possible across different migration projects in order to reduce project cost and risk,
To support artefact evolution. At the end of this document the approach of the evolution service is sketched.

This document describes the architecture, underlying concepts and data model of the three components (ARTIST repository, ARTIST marketplace and a plugin for Eclipse) responsible for artefact management in the ARTIST tool suite. During an MDA based migration a considerable number of artefacts such as platform specific models (PSM), platform independent models (PIM), UML models and profiles or meta-models are being used and produced.

Out of these three components the main one is the ARTIST repository which stores the artefacts produced during ARTIST migration projects and organizes them with a categorization system and a special Repository Content Model that captures the artefact types and the relationships between the different artefacts in the repository. This opens up new possibilities to navigate the repository content and to provide context based search. The second component is the ARTIST marketplace. It is backed by the repository and provides a web based platform to promote artefact reuse, provide artefacts to the community of MDA developers and potentially sell some artefacts to generate the funds necessary to run the platform. The third component is the plugin based Eclipse integration of repository and marketplace.

This document focuses on the description of the architecture and concepts that build the baseline for the prototypical realization of the tools. However during an iterative development approach it is possible that the actual prototypes may require adjustment. These will be documented in the prototype deliverables.


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