Technical feasibility tools

This document describes the two components of the Technical Feasibility Tool, TFT-TFT & TFT-SCC (Software Complexity Component) forming the current version of the TFT prototype, which studies the feasibility of the legacy application’s migration to cloud within the context of ARTIST pre-migration approach.

The main motivation behind TFT is to assist the user to have a better understanding of the migration to cloud process and the efforts required to accomplish this process in the ARTIST pre-migration phase.

The purpose of this deliverable is to offer the first version of the Technical Feasibility Tool consisting two of its components with their implementation details and thus give an idea about the tool’s way of working, capabilities and potential.

In this version of the Technical Feasibility Tool, TFT-TFT component focuses on to analyse the high level output models produced by MUT1 and offer migration task suggestions to the user while taking the Maturity Assessment Tool’s report into account. TFT-SCC component focuses on to provide a metric of level of complexity of the application in order to give a better insight about the migration feasibility when it is analysed. The document presents the missions, scopes, functional descriptions, technical approaches, download & installation instructions and user manuals of these components comprising the prototype.


Type of Asset Knowledge
Roles Service design and transition manager, Service level and capacity manager, Cloud service integrator

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