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License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

  • Learning Automata Solver

    This solver assigns values to discrete parameters in a stochastic environment aiming to find the solution that gives the highest expected utility for the future timespan.
  • XIFI Service Level SIEM

    The FI-WARE Security Monitoring GE (which includes the component Service Level SIEM) is, working together with Security Probes installed in the slave nodes, responsible for the...
  • MODAClouds Decision Support System

    This tool supports the risk, quality and cost analysis phase and receives as input the initial requirements defined for the cloud application. As a result of the analysis, the...
  • MODACloudML

    MODACloudML is supported by Creator4Cloud, the MODAClouds IDE , more precisely it provides the functional, operational and data modelling environments as well as some modules...
  • Block-level WAL for Efficient Backup and Replication (WalB)

    We propose an algorithm and its implementation for efficient backup and replication of storage, called 'WalB'. The word 'WalB' means Block-level Write-Ahead Logging. A WalB...
  • An Online Backup Tool for VMware vSphere (vmbkp)

    Vmbkp is an online backup tool for VMware vSphere. Online backup Multi-generation management Fast archive access Command-line Interface
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