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Projects: Model-based Cloud Platform Upperware

  • MILP Solver

    This solver assigns values to discrete parameters aiming to find the optimal solution that gives the best goal function.
  • Rule Processor

    This component receives a list of potential Cloud providers provided by the CP Generator Model-to-Solver component based on requirements specified by the application designer...
  • PaaSage

    PaaSage is an open source integrated platform to support both design and deployment of Cloud applications, together with an accompanying methodology that allows model-based...
  • Learning Automata Solver

    This solver assigns values to discrete parameters in a stochastic environment aiming to find the solution that gives the highest expected utility for the future timespan.
  • Executionware

    A model-based cloud-provider independent multi-cloud deployment, monitoring, and adaptation platform.
  • CP Generator Model-to-Solver

    This component receives as input a Cloud Platform Independent Model (CPIM) and a Saloon ontology, which captures the requirements in terms of computational resources and...
  • Adaptation Manager

    The Adaptation Manager synchronises a multi-cloud application deployment model with the running system in an efficient and safe way.
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