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  • MobiCloud Approach

    MobiCloud is an EU funded project to develop a European Corporate Appstore & the technology to develop the applications that it hosts in a cost-effective manner. The...
  • PrivySeal

    PrivySeal: Share data on the cloud privately! PrivySeal is a software that provides easily usable privacy technologies to end users who want to share their data on any cloud...
  • FactSheet

    Project´s factsheet
  • Adaptation Manager

    The Adaptation Manager synchronises a multi-cloud application deployment model with the running system in an efficient and safe way.
  • ConPaaS

    The HARNESS platform is based on ConPaaS [1], an open-source run-time environment for hosting applications in the cloud. ConPaaS aims to offer the full power of the cloud to...
  • CloudSME One-Stop-Shop

    The CloudSME project develops a One-Stop-Shop for simulation applications in the cloud. This will enable manufacturing and engineering software providers and end users to much...
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